K E E P I N G  I T  R E AL

Have you ever had to make a decision between multiple companies by looking at their brochures? Here is a test, take a few brochures from different companies, in addition to yours. Lay them all out on a table, and ask a few people what brochure would they pick up first, and why.

If they say your brochure, because it stands out from the rest, great. If your brochure is not picked because it gets lost with the others, CALL THIS NUMBER. 0248350091

Rack Brochures - Tri-Fold brochures

Too many companies use the standard tri-fold brochure for their businesses. If the brochure is not being used as a "Rack Brochure" then you should not have a rack brochure. They are one of the most inexpensive brochures to print, but that doesn't necessarily do the job you need it to. The purpose of a rack brochure is to grab someone's attention, and get them to make an impulse decision why they are standing in front of a rack of twenty other brochures, while other brochures are to peek interest, without making a hasty decision, read more below.

Unique Size Brochures

Codgraphics believes that any business that does not need a tri-fold brochure should have a brochure that is going to stand out from the competition's brochure. The goal of this brochure is not to nudge the buyer into making an impulse decision, but instead get the reader to 1) think about the content, 2) remember what is in the brochure, 3) contact you by phone, or 4) get them to your website for more information on your service or product. This brochure is a tool, not a decision maker.

Booklet Brochures

The booklet brochure is another tool that has a different marketing goal. This brochure, like a website, is more informative, explains the product, service or business. These brochures are often used as press kits, catalogs, company guides, event programs, etc.